At age 67 why on earth would you start a blog? good question! Probably because I have a lot to offer or at least a lot of experiences that someone else might benefit from or enjoy. It is not that I am so unique as a person but more that I have had the privilege of doing some awesome things in my lifetime. Things that I am proud to be able to claim but also experiences that have humbled me from just being there to enjoy the grandeur of them.

Born in eastern Idaho the 3rd child to Blair and Betty Spaulding I was a post War baby; a baby boomer. Raised on a farm with a deep love for animals, horses became a passion for me. Along with horses a love of aviation was developed thanks to a dad who flew me around Idaho at my earliest memories.

Mom and dad are long gone but the memories are still fresh. Now with over 40 years with a good woman and 6 grown children with families of their own the adventure that my parents instilled in me continues to grow. From a long and fantastic career in aviation spanning over 27 years flying the lower forty eight states and logging 12,000 hours of flight time fire fighitng, crop dusting and flying the back country of Idaho and Montana and a lifetime with horses its time to share those experiences and memories.

Hope you enjoy.


The Idaho Kid