The Old Cowboys

There was 3 of them, actually was is inappropriate as they are still alive as far as I know; was being past tense, is being the appropriate word. They are within a year and a half of each other in age and that spans 3 separate years.

They’ve spent a good part of their lives in Southwest Idaho, more specifically Elmore and Owyhee counties
Collectively as well as individually their careers cover a lot of territory. What they have in common includes beautiful women, families, cattle, specifically range cows and riding and roping. Two of them are still dragging calves to the branding fire each spring. The 3rd one is too stove up to straddle a horse anymore but not too stove up to drop a Cape Buffalo that has became a nuisance for the locals somewhere in South Africa.

COWBOYS. What does it entail to be a Cowboy, or to be called a Cowboy?
Is it a title? Something like, Lord Barron De Marquis De Owyhee County; dang, that sounds kinda impressive.
I will let you decide what qualifies one to bear the title of COWBOY.

These 3 ain’t exactly youngsters anymore, a good guess would put them in their early seventies. They all still call Southwest Idaho home.

What are their names you ask? Does it really matter? They could be be Bill, Pete and Joe, or Eric, Aaron and Quint. There’s always a chance that they could be Ted, Brian and Chuck, but like I said; does it really matter?

Two of them served in the military during the Vietnam Era. Rumor has it one is a graduate of West Point, the other a Graduate of MCRD San Diego. Cattle, horses and roping brought them together as friends.

Speaking of roping one of the 3 won, along with another Cowboy from Bruneau Idaho the Big Loop contest in Jordan Valley. Not sure of the exact year but I suppose it was the mid 80’s. Pretty impressive to swing a 20 foot loop off of the back of a running horse and head and forefoot a loose horse in record time. Not bad, not bad at all.

Time and broken bones has slowed them down some but they’re still strong in what they hold dear. If you are not in to big of a hurry sometime you can probably squeeze a story or two out them. It could include but not be limited to bronc rides, loops that drug not one but two calves to the fire, roping at a branding with not just one but two grand kids riding on the same horse with you as they drag a calf to the fire. Poetry, books about the Old West, a collection of bridle horse bits complete with the most impressive collection of rawhide reins you will ever see.

Where can you find them? Somewhere in Elmore or Owyhee County Idaho; very likely at a branding this spring.

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