The Race is On

If ever you have had the chance to run horses across the desert it’s an experience that you will never forget. For several years as a family we would bring our horses in from the desert to our home place and quite often it was a race. june 2008 092Actually at one point it was always a race at least long enough to line them out.june 2008 091Here Scott, Kole and Kamron have them lined out pretty good. This is about half way home so the horses are aired out and traveling well. june 2008 096Here I am with 3 out of 4 of my son’s in this sequence of photo’s. I’m unsure as to what year this was but I’m guessing around 2008 or there about. Normally about half way home one of the boy’s would rope a green colt out of the herd and switch saddles and ride him the rest of the way home. Usually the colts were aired out enough there would be little if any buck in them but occasionally one would still have some fight. It was ‘Old West’ and we had a great time doing it. All 3 of these boy’s rode for Dee Craig out of Star Idaho. Dee won the the Intermediate or Limited Open at Reno I believe in 2003 on a Smart Chic Olena bred horse that Scott started when he rode for him.june 2008 098All of my kids were great to ride with and as a family we’ve had some fun times roping with the Lacy’s at Independence California as well as our friends in Idaho. Nate, Misty and Jessica are missing from this run with the horses but all of our kid’s grew up riding green colts. Often times their hunting horses were green at the first of the Elk hunt but ‘seasoned’ by the end of the hunt.june 2008 097Lined out and moving at a good clip. That’s Cyclone in the lead with Rebel the 3rd horse back; looks like Gambler on the outside of those two.june 2008 094Kole in the lead; those were fun years. We haven’t run them for a while now due to fences and housing. All of the kids could tell their version of several horse races and maybe we’ll do that sometime. Can’t imagine what my life would have been like without horses and kid’s.june 2008 103


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