Horses in the desert

Winter range for our horses. We’ve been running them in this location for 20 years and it is one of the best things in our horse program. They’re bare foot and the benefit of that is priceless; rarely do we have any hoof problems. When we start using them and pushing them over hard and rocky ground we tack iron on them. This year the grass is exceptional and all but Ezzie are in great shape.

Ezzie had an accident last fall. She got her neck caught in a divider gate in a horse trailer; it almost killed her. She ended up with some paralysis in the left side of her tongue, muzzle and lip.  It could have been far worse as a broken jaw is normally a death sentence for a horse. She’s done better on winter range than she would have inside feeding her hay and oats.

There’s just something awesome about running them wild.

[wpvideo Wl6tH47s]

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